Daily Drop No. 3 – Mildura Brewery Honey Wheat


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Mildura Brewery’s Honey Wheat, which sits at 4.5% and no published IBU measurement. Wheat beers are something that I’ve avoided for nearly 20 years because I overdid it with hefeweizen and I couldn’t take the wheat for a while. Now I’m coming around again to the delicious full-flavoured German favourite.

Honey wheat beers are generally light golden in colour, and sit between 4-5.5%, and light on hop bitterness. I could sit here all day talking about what honey wheat beer should be, but let’s bee reasonable…


Light golden straw colour with a slight wheat beer haze. First pour head was very mild but had a soft sudsy look, and dissipated rather quickly.


Very subtle sweet aroma with light floral notes and a gentle presence of honey. Almost indistinguishable as a wheat beer. There is a slight hint of honeysuckle. Not very pungent and left a bit more to be desired. I could hardly smell anything upon bringing the glass to my nose.

Mouth feel

The bubbles are definitely sparkling in this honey wheat. The instant it hits my tongue there is a definite jolt of almost English-style carbonation that is immediately followed by an almost too-light body of the beer.


The wheat is the first thing I tasted after the bubbles settled down, followed by soft sweet floral notes, which were then followed by mild honey and a trailing hop bitterness. The flavour is on the sweeter side of things, and although it had a pleasant flavour, it was not strongly flavoured. Almost too weak.


A light bodied honey wheat that is refreshing and pleasing to the palette. It takes me back to the days of my innocence with beer, before I was ruined (for the better) by ales with massive grain bills and several giant helpings of hops. When I close my eyes, I am taken back in time to a BBQ on a hot lazy summer day, with the light refreshing flavour of a cold delicious wheat beer tickling my tongue. If I had only had known the joys of _honey_ wheat beers back then, I may never have been tainted by those damnable IPAs. Okay that’s a lie. I wouldn’t put it up against the strongest competition in the style, but this is a really good honey wheat beer.

Perfect for

Hot summer days, swinging in hammocks, casual patio drinks, picnics in the park.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Have you had Mildura Brewery Honey Wheat before? Was it a winner or loser? We want to hear about it in the comments below!


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