Daily Drop No. 4 – Vale Brewing Lager


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Vale Brewing’s Lager. It’s sitting at 4.5%, and I have no idea about the IBUs. Vale Brewing claims that their “New World Lager” is “a lager with flavour”. I’ve not had any of their brews before, so this will be a first. I’m hoping it sets a good impression. Lagers are extremely difficult to perfect because of the labourious brewing process and specialty yeast strains. But I’m always optimistic about beer.


This lager has good golden colour, nice lively bubbles and foamy but restrained head. It wasn’t crazy like the overly foamy big-brand stuff overseas in America. Nice natural look to it.


Smells like a good lager. Good balance between the hops and the malts. Nothing very impressive.

Mouth feel

Really fresh on the nose, good body and nice weight to it. Smooth, ever-so-slightly sweet finish. Bubbles felt soft at first but then started to sparkle. Maybe this lager will start to sparkle after a few sips? ….hmmm. My mouth has a bit of a sticky syrupy feeling after a few sips. I’m not quite sure what that would be from. Any ideas?


There’s something about lagers where I feel I just need to smash them and not sip them. I’m working really hard to restrain myself so I can actually taste this one, but it’s almost gone already and I’m not done thinking things through with the flavour. Mildly sweet malt, slight bite of the hops, and then it’s down the hatch. It’s definitely sessionable, and I love that it has zero chemicals like the big-brand stuff, so you could definitely put a few back without concern of lowering your sperm count.


I want to like it a lot. The flavour is actually really good for a lager, and my first impression is not ruined, BUT… there’s that weird syrupy sticky mouth feel that I just can’t get over. That’s the only thing that I’m hung up on. Other than that, it is a damned good drop. But I don’t think I’m going to keep it stocked in my beer fridge just yet.

Perfect for

Pairing with some spicy Pad Thai. Tending the BBQ. Skulling on a hot day. What? You don’t do that with lagers?

Today’s Daily Drop was brought to you by a herd of Capybara.

Have you had Vale Brewing’s Lager before? Did I miss something in the tasting? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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