Daily Drop No. 6 – Mountain Goat Beer Pale Ale


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Mountain Goat Beer‘s Pale Ale. I couldn’t be more stoked about Mountain Goat Beer. They’ve got some exciting new beers coming out that are testing the limits of craft beer. I can’t wait for those. But their Pale Ale is our focus today, and it’s a pine and citrus hopped American style pale ale. It has been highly regarded in Melbourne as a staple to Aussie craft brew pale ales, and we’re going to see if it lives up to that claim.


Nice golden pale ale colour. Excellent sparkling bubbles. Excellent head retention. Looks very promising.


Awesome pine and citrus notes. Slight presence of crystal malt, evenly balanced. Very enticing.

Mouth feel

Soft bubbles on the nose, very smooth, nothing fighting for attention. Dry finish.


The malt profile is solid and even. Not too sweet or biscuity. It does sweeten out slightly right before the hops come in, though. The pine notes are a little stronger than the citrus notes in the hop profile. It has an excellent mellow malt aftertaste with pine hints to finish off.


One word: sessionable. This is an incredibly smooth but full-flavoured and perfectly​ hopped pale ale. The aftertaste is really good, and leaves you excitedly anticipating the next sip. I’ll will definitely put this into rotation in my fridge.

Perfect for

Watching footy, BBQs, weekends at the beach, campfires, and would pair well with burgers or pizza. Or perhaps a bit of happy hour banter at the pub. Yum.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by the forever silent goat.

Have you had Mountain Goat‘s Pale Ale? Do you rate it? I’d love to know in the comments.

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