Daily Drop No. 7 – Doss Blockos Pale Lager


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Doss Blockos Pale Lager from East 9th Brewing Co. This pale lager sits at 4.6%, and is brewed with specialty malts and Cascade hops. I’m excited to taste the Cascade hops, as that’s my favourite hop variety right now. The label has some strange writing about “mole people”, and the front has an illustration of what looks like someone getting spanked. Okay.


For a pale lager, it’s a bit dark. For a lager, it’s a bit dark. Almost an amber/copper sort of tint. The head was minimal and dissipated quickly. The bubbles are lively and look like they’re inviting me to play.


Flowery notes, but a malt and grain presence that’s very much a lager. Nothing outstanding.

Mouth feel

Slow bubbles take a second to get active, surprising because of their lively appearance. Bit of pine in the body, very dry finish.


Slight spice, grapefruit and floral notes, somewhat distinguished for a lager, but not very special. There’s more spice on the back of the sip, and some subtle grapefruit that didn’t last long.


To me, an ice cold lager is something that is sessionable. This beer, to me, is not very sessionable. It’s a bit too sweet, almost hinting towards malt liquor, and it fetches too high a price per bottle. It’s got a bit of a marketing gimmick on the label that just doesn’t make a lot of sense other than it’s weird, but sometimes weird sells really well. For me, the execution of the Cascade hops was lacklustre, as I really expected a bit more spice and tangy citrus than the floral notes I got.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by coffee stains and neck beards.

Have you had Doss Blockos Pale Lager? Were you sold by the labelling and brown paper sack? Or do you not judge a beer by its label? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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