Daily Drop No. 8 – Mash Brewing Copycat A.I.P.A.


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Mash Brewing‘s Copycat A.I.P.A. This is a BIG one. Big by Aussie standards, that is. Ringing in at 6.8%, this looks like a proper IPA. It’s uncommon to see a beer this big in Australia, and I’m anxious to see how it stacks up to some of my favourite big IPAs. Let’s see if this AIPA is a solid contender, or if it’s punching above its weight.


Nice rich-looking dark golden colour, almost amber/copper, and a little bit cloudy. Minimal head and small bubbles that look like they’re waiting to attack.


In-your-face tropical notes, and a bit of pine as well. Very nice presence with the hard hitting tropical flowing into the mellow pine. A good balance of malt, slightly sweet which is expected at 6.8%.

Mouth feel

Beautifully carbed spicy punch. Full, rich body that transitions into a slightly sweet finish.


A salty spicy hit, immediately followed by the tropical flavour and semi-sweet malts. A strong but balanced resin and pine aftertaste, finally ending in a nice grain flavour.


This is a very palatable AIPA, which, to me, is difficult to find in Australian craft IPAs. It is definitely a big beer, and I am really surprised to find this strong of an IPA here. But I’m not entirely sold. The flavour is well thought out and nicely executed. However, a bit too much sweetness comes through towards the middle of the first drink. It’s almost overwhelming. I don’t think I could have more than one of these in a sitting because of the that. Even though I’ve sessioned 6.8% IPAs (don’t judge me), I’m not recommending you do so with this one. I can’t exactly tell, but my guess is that it was mashed at a higher temp which releases more non-fermentable sugars. There’s no discredit to Mash Brewing on this beer, it is really good. But I just couldn’t do more than one in a sitting.

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