Daily Drop No. 9 – Hawthorn Brewing Co.’s Australian IPA


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Hawthorn Brewing Co.‘s Australian IPA. This IPA is sitting at 5.8% and 58 IBUs, and is a gold medal and trophy winner in the 2013 International Beer Challenge in London, and has won medals in several competitions since. This is not your dad’s beer, unless your dad is a distinguished gentleman!


Unfiltered and unpasteurized, with nice head retention in this copper toned Australian IPA. The bubbles are small but alive.


Citrus and tropical notes, maybe a little melon and floral. Smooth malt with mildly sweet hints.

Mouth feel

Carb is mild, with a bit of spice on the nose, medium body and dry finish.


Spicy with some chocolate/coffee/biscuit on the palate, then a very slightly sweet floral body, and hints of coffee. It finishes on the slightly dry side, with resin and coffee aftertaste.


This Australian IPA has a really nice arrangement of flavours, and a refreshing aroma. I really like the spice, coffee, and tropical working together for a unique take on a classic beer. I taste resin with a slight citrus/grapefruit at the back that’s just enough to make my mouth water for another sip. This IPA is well balanced between sweet and dry. The fact that it’s not a mouthful of hops is a nice change, but it’s by no means under-hopped. It truly is a great beer. Nicely done, Hawthorn Brewing Co. You guys earned those awards!

Brewing thoughts

Hawthorn Brewing hasn’t let the cat out of the bag with what they put in this, except for “specialty and Munich malts” and “Tasmanian hops”. I want to say that there’s a little roasted barley in there, because I can’t otherwise tell how they’d get this chocolate/coffee thing going on with the biscuit flavour. I’m also only 2 years into making my own all-grain recipes, and beer recipes don’t provide the fastest results. In other words, I’m a novice at tasting and making my own all-grain recipes, and I’ve got a lot to learn.

Today’s Daily Drop was brought to you by misguided misanthropes.

Have you had this crackin’ IPA before? If you haven’t, I suggest you get on it straight away! If you have, I’d love to hear what you think about it and how.

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