Daily Drop No. 10 – The Little Brewing Company’s Wicked Elf Pale Ale


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting The Little Brewing Company‘s Wicked Elf Pale Ale. This is another fantastic multi-award winning beer that has some big hype to back up. The label reads some promising details, revealing that it is a hop-forward strong American-style pale ale with Cascade hops and malted barley. There’s only one thing that could go wrong: the realisation that I only have one bottle. Let’s dive in.


Awesome clarity and a majestic copper colour. Nice cream coloured foam with good head retention.


Healthy dose of citrus and a very slight amount of sweet hints present in the malt.

Mouth feel

Gentle bubbles with spice on the nose, medium to full body that goes down dry.


Moderately potent hops with good citrus notes. There’s a good foundation of malt which is very quickly pushed aside for more hops on the back.


A well built pale ale on the stronger side that could possibly be confused for an IPA. There’s only a bit of sweetness to this big pale, and it gets slapped in the face with a massive handful of hops. The rest of it is refreshingly crisp and dry. This particular pale has a distinct sour citrus note on the back of the tongue and it’s really unique the way that it becomes more noticeable through the drink. This is definitely a good beer to have on hand for the discerning ale drinker and for those who can recognise a well crafted beer. I will definitely be keeping this one in rotation in my fridge.

Brewing thoughts

It comes off like a solid 2 row pale situation with a small amount of 60l Crystal to give it that colour without too much sweetness. It almost tastes like there are trace amounts of rye that lend to some of the body, but maybe I’m just daydreaming about rye. The hops are primarily Cascade, if not entirely. I’m not completely convinced there’s another strain on there, but I’ll just have to do more research. If only I had more than one bottle…

Have you tried this wickedly good pale ale? Are you a Wicked Elf? Tell me in the comments how much you think this pale ale rocks!

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