Daily Drop No. 14 – Lord Nelson Brewery Dark Ale


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Lord Nelson Brewery‘s Old Admiral Dark Ale. This is a strong full-bodied dark ale, turned up to 6% on the dial. This thing looks bold on the label, but let’s see if it’s bark is worse than its bite!


Guinness-like dark beer, but more of a porter style head and carbonation. Very light head, minimal bubbles.


Chocolate, floral, banana, coffee, fruitcake. Very rich dessert flavours coming through the aroma.

Mouth feel

Full bodied porter style allow, very relaxed carbonation. The body is slightly sweet, however, with a hint of fruit.. Semi dry coffee on the back side.


Definitely a fruitcake and coffee ensemble, with a bit more relaxed taste than porters. The incredible fruity flavour is offset by the coffee body and the mild hop bite, it becomes sweet towards the back and finishes slightly bitter.


Absolutely flawless full-flavoured, full-bodied dark ale, with a good solid coffee hit and floral aroma, this is a decadent beer that packs a punch without hitting too heavy or too strong. I’ll pack this in my fridge any day.

Brewing thoughts

Roasted barley and cacao are suspect, but cacao likely didn’t make the grain bill. I’m astonished by the drinkability of this dark ale, especially considering the flavour it packs. It reminds me of Newcastle Nut Brown Ale but a lot more friendly and flavourful. It’s something that I could probably stock in the fridge without causing drama on poker night, yet still provide a good variety for discerning beer drinkers.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by dyed eggs.

Have you had Lord Nelson Brewery Dark Ale? Did it knock your socks off? What are your thoughts on the flavour? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

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