Daily Drop No. 15 – Hawthorn Brewing Pale Ale


In today’s Daily Drop, I’m tasting Hawthorn Brewing‘s Pale Ale. This sparkling golden pale ale is sitting at 4.7% and it has a lot to live up to coming from Hawthorn. But seeing the pile of awards and medals won by this crystal clear pale, I expect nothing short of delicious. Let’s check it out.


Excellent clarity in this golden straw-coloured ale. Nice head retention and very big lively bubbles.


A crisp and refreshing grapefruit nose with mild malty body. There are hints of floral notes when drawing in slowly.

Mouth feel

The carbonation is mouthwatering and tantalising, with a small amount of spice on the nose. Medium-bodied, slightly sweet on the back, with a bitter resinous aftertaste.


Very bold citrusy hit with a lasting mildly sweet spice in the middle. It resolves with a very refreshing bitter hop aftertaste and clean finish.


This is a really nice pale ale that stands tall in a sea of plain Jane pales. The way that the crisp nose delivers clean citrus notes is well executed. Hawthorn is a brewery with very high standards and this pale ale is no exception. I’m definitely going to bring this to BBQs and share with friends and family. It’s a delicious pale ale that can be sipped or sessioned.

Brewing thoughts

2 row pale malt, barley, and a bit of caramalt. Mashed at a slightly higher temp, probably around 69-70°. Hops are possibly Galaxy and Cascade. Keep in mind that this is pure speculation.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by harsh chemicals.

Have you had this pale ale or any of Hawthorn’s delicious beers? What’s your idea of a perfect pale ale? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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