Daily Drop No. 20 – Sail and Anchor IPA


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Sail and Anchor IPA. Sail and Anchor has a pretty remarkable history in Australia in the craft beer industry. They broke convention when everyone was drinking the big-brand common beer styles, and turned an unlikely building, the freemasons, into a nationally famous brewery and hotel that produced some of Australia’s most forward-thinking craft beers of their time. Although the brewery is now defunct, the taproom still serves delicious pints of local favorites as well as a rotating array of Australian classics and craft beers from across the country. This English-style IPA from Sail and Anchor is decked to the nines with hops and tallies in at 5.5%. Let’s weigh anchor!


Dark copper colour, almost a reddish amber tint. Cloudy with sediment floating about. Light head retention and active bubbles.


Pleasant citrus nose, and faint hint of a sweet malt body.

Mouth feel

Soft up front with slightly noticeable carbonation at first. Solid malt body with a slightly soapy feel. Sweet finish and resinous aftertaste.


The nose has a nice hop hit that is both resinous and grapefruity, and the body is on the sweet side with hints of passionfruit and citrus. Sweet on the back, with floral and tropical notes, and a nice bitter hop finish.

Overall – Sail and Anchor IPA

This is a very drinkable IPA with a solid flavour presentation and mouth feel. The body has just the right amount of sweetness to carry the hops, and there is just enough hop bitterness to counter the sweetness. It’s a solid dance of flavours.

Brewing thoughts

Assembly of barley, 2 row pale malt, and 20L crystal. Hops are likely galaxy, warrior, and cascade. Mashed at a higher temp to yield the lighter ABV and sweeter malt body.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by plaid print sandbag ashtrays.

Have you weighed anchor and put three sheets to the wind? What’s your take on this Aussie rendition of an English IPA? Maybe you’ve brewed a clone of it? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

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