Daily Drop No. 21 – Feral Brewing’s Hop Hog Pale Ale


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Feral Brewing‘s Hop Hog Pale Ale. This American-style pale ale is a 5.8% beast of American hops and a rigid spine of malty goodness. The Ferals have released this into the wild for all hopheads to trap and slaughter ritually. It’s time to put this pig on a spit.


Dark golden straw colour. Very nice head retention. A bit hazy in clarity with slight sediment.


This brew is packing a hoppy citrus and pine punch in the nose, with very little presence of malt characteristics or sweetness.

Mouth feel

Nicely carbonated, tiny bit of spice. Sudsy, soapy almost. Sweet on the finish with a slightly spicy and hoppy aftertaste.


Nice string citrus and pine hop presence up front, and the mildly sweet but strong malt body carries well into the back where some floral hops come out and morph into a slightly sweet and resinous aftertaste with hints of pine.

Overall – Hop Hog Pale Ale

Complex, but well executed, this bitter feral beast is a treat for hopheads everywhere. In the last half of the glass, there are floral and melon notes coming through in the aroma that make it a very dynamic ale. It is a well conceived hoppy ale that has a graduating flavour profile throughout the glass. I’ll definitely drink this again.

Brewing thoughts

This is likely a barley-based mash with a bit of 2 row pale. This is quite a common base in a grain bill for this type of flavour profile. The hops are likely Warrior and Cascade, and perhaps some Amarillo and Willamette.

Today’s Daily Drop was brought to you by the Diggers. Lest we forget.

Have you skewered the beast? Does this hop monster pale make you go hog wild?! Let me know in the comments, just don’t be a boar.


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