Daily Drop No. 23 – Nomad Brewing Co.’s Saltpan Desert Gose


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Nomad Brewing Co.‘s Saltpan Desert Gose. This is a delicious style of beer that is not a newcomer to the Daily Drop. I’ve even tasked Nomad’s other gose previously on the Daily Drop. It was such an amazing beer that I wanted to check out their other variant also. Let’s get cracking!


Pale golden straw colour with a soft sparkly head that dissipates quickly. The clarity is excellent.


Nice citrus notes, mostly lemon. A bit of salty saline presence in the malt.

Mouth feel

Excellent sparkle but soft carbonation, soapy sudsy body, slightly dry finish.


Smooth salted lemon-lime zest into a very mild malt body, and transitions to a salty rye wheat flavour. Mildly bitter salty aftertaste.

Overall – Saltpan Desert Gose

The salt and citrus flavour are perfectly balanced and very thirst quenching. It has a very unique finish with the rye and wheat hints. A very mild and drinkable beer, easily sessioned. Gose is winning the hearts and tastebuds of craft brew connoisseurs the world over.

Brewing thoughts

I’m only speculating, again, as I’ve never brewed a gose. This has likely got heaps of malted wheat, a speck of rye, and lime and salt. It’s top-fermented so the style closely relates to lager. The hop situation is a complete mystery to me, as there is just about zero presence of hops in the aroma or flavour. Whatever hops are used, they likely have a very low alpha acid content, somewhere below 5%, and it is likely that only a small amount is used.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by paddock bombs.

Have you had the Saltpan Desert Gose? Have you found the desert oasis of gose? What about attempts at brewing a Gose? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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