Daily Drop No. 28 — Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA


Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA. This 5.4% 55 IBU India Pale Ale is on the smaller side of the hop-centric style. Gage Roads produces one of my favourite session beers, Atomic Pale Ale. Also, special shout out to Ben for gifting me this new Spiegalau IPA glass for tasting. Cheers Ben!


Copper tinted golden ale with nice creamy white foam and excellent head retention. It has good clarity but has sediment floating about as you would expect from an unfiltered beer.


Malty resinous buttery esters. A bit nutty, and very complex with some toffee and caramel. Sweet malt coming through the hoppy overheads​.

Mouth feel

Soft carbonation with a slight tingle. Slight bitter bite with a creamy feel on the tongue. Finishes slightly sweet. Slight malty and bitter aftertaste.


Resinous citrus bite on the draw. Very malty body with some very complex floral notes underpinned by the very strong malt body. Fruity flavours come through subtly towards the end of the glass. Minimal hop aftertaste.

Overall – Sleeping Giant IPA

This is a very interesting flavoured IPA. It’s quite unique in that it doesn’t have that prominent hop bite to it, yet still manages to carry some of that bitterness through in the body. This is not a very typical IPA. It’s got a bit of an alkaline bite to it and it is not what you’d expect from an India Pale Ale, but still quite good and refreshing. I think it sits on the fence between IPA and pale ale. It’s definitely a malt-forward variation of an IPA.

Brewing thoughts

This is truly a tough one. I would think that this begins with some barley and pale malt. Probably a small bit of roasted barley and a little bit of crystal malt and pilsner. The hop character is so mild that it is difficult to determine or even take a guess, but I’d say small amount of Galaxy and Warrior, maybe a bit of Citra. Not sure about dry hopping as there is only a mild presence of hops in the aroma.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by angle grinders.

Have you had Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA? Maybe you’ve ridden an elephant and lived to tell the tale? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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