Daily Drop No. 29 – Exit Brewing Saison

Exit Brewing Saison
Exit Brewing Saison

Today on the Daily Drop, I’m tasting Exit Brewing Saison. This is a revamp of the traditional farmhouse style from Melbourne’s own Exit Brewing. I’ve heard heaps of good things about Exit, and this Saison should be good. It weighs in big at 6.2% and to me that spells “good”. Let’s check it out!


Big foamy head. Slightly hazy straw colour. Excellent head retention. Small active bubbles.


Bread! Citrus, a bit of spice and pepper. Slight fruity hints.

Mouth feel

Sour on the draw, increasingly sparkling carbonation which is unexpected. Sudsy texture with a ever-so-slightly sweet finish and lasting bitter hop aftertaste.


Bready, and sour, with a white pepper bite to it. There’s a hint of lemon to the funky body, which is not long lasting, and continues into a citrus aftertaste with lingering hoppiness on the back.

Overall — Exit Brewing Saison

The sour citrus spice is an interesting combination in a Saison. This style is usually softer on the palate and a bit more wheat-forward. It is a delicious execution of the style, and nice to see something break the norm with this excellent farmhouse wheat favourite.

Brewing thoughts

Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, and some crystal malt. Likely some Goulding hops. This is on the slightly sweeter side, but the malt profile is dry so the mash temp is probably about 66°C, and the amount of crystal malt is probably closer to 350g or maybe even more.

Today’s Daily Drop is brought to you by electric tennis rackets.

Have you brewed a saison? Have you tried this unique take on the traditional farmhouse style? Or maybe you’ve found the perfect saison and you want to clone it. We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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