Crafty Surprise No. 1 – Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout

Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout
Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout
The beer I will be tasting for my very first post on Crafty Surprise is the Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout. This Imperial Stout is a limited edition brewed in collaboration Chocolatier Monsieur Truffe.
I started by grabbing the stubble out of the fridge 10 minutes before opening it, to let the temperature come up a bit.
While waiting for it to warm up I admired the bottle and tried to anticipated what I would experience from this imperial stout. My first thoughts from what I saw on the label was chocolate. The clear picture of Monsieur Truffe chocolate on the label leads me to believe this will be the prominent flavour.
The writing on the label tells me to expect a creamy, thick, rich and delicious chocolate stout. The ABV is sitting 8%, which is on the lower end for an imperial but still fits for this style. My first impression is this stout is not for the faint-hearted.
It’s time open up this limited release black beauty and see what it has to offer. The fine fellow at Blackhearts & Sparrows in St Kilda ensured Dervarni that I would enjoy this one so here goes. I have not tried a great variety of stouts, so I guess this is going to be a pretty pleasurable experience.

The Pour

As I poured this stout into the glass the loud glugging noise from the bottle suggests this is thick and creamy as they claimed on the label.


As stouts are usually are dark this is pretty close to black. There is not much head there, the bubbles were large, tan and hung around for 30-40 seconds while I snapped a couple of photos.


I’m having trouble identifying the strong chocolate aroma I was expecting. But you can still pick up a roasted cocoa on the nose along with some coffee notes.


Instantly as this dark creamy stout hit my palate there was a sharp spicy bitter hit. I picked up a bitter chocolate and a light coffee flavour. The alcohol is noticeable because it leaves a warm sensation down the back of my throat. The hop bitterness tastes aggressive but I would not say it’s harsh.

Mouth Feel

The body is very thick and creamy as it hangs around and keeps the tongue satisfied for quite a while. The carbonation of the beer is very light on the palate as you would expect from a stout. It almost feels as if I’m having a meal.


This Chocolate Stout knocks every other stout out of the park that I have tried so far.
I rate the Cavalier Chocolate Stout 4.5 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a very pleasing stout, the only negative I would have for this beer is the hit of chocolate I expected wasn’t there. I like how balanced this imperial stout is as it’s not too sweet at all, the alcohol and bitterness work well together. I guess that’s why the guys at Cavalier Brewing must have used a more bitter chocolate rather than sweet. It is the perfect beer for a cold winter’s night and definitely a great choice if you’ve had a tough day at work and need to release a lot of weight off your shoulders.
Thanks to Blackhearts & Sparrows for selecting a great beer my me to try for the first edition of Crafty Surprise, I can’t wait to see what will be next.
What did you guys think of my first ever beer tasting review, have you got any tips? I also would love to hear from anyone that may have tried the Cavalier Chocolate Stout in the comments below.


  1. I really enjoyed this beer also. Not as surprised by how little decadent chocolate there was, but found there to be a lot of dark berry fruit notes along with the bitter choc. When the guys at Cavalier have a proper go at something, I really like what they achieve


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