Crafty Surprise No. 2 – Sailors Grave Brewing Down She Gose

Sailors Grave Brewing - Down She Gose

Today on the Crafty Surprise I’m trying the Down She Gose by Sailors Grave Brewing. This is obviously a Gose style beer that’s sitting at 4.5% in a 355ml can with some quirky under the sea-themed artwork. I have been keen to try a beer from the Sailors Grave Brewery for a while now so when Dervarni delivered this one from Blackhearts & Sparrows I was excited. The reason why I wanted to try a beer from this brewery, in particular, was because I grew up in East Gippsland. That’s where this exciting brewery popped up in 2016 set up in the old Orbost Butter factory. They use all local and natural ingredients available to them and also plan to start growing their own hops. When myself and Kevin start visiting breweries to blog about I will insist this one will be near the top of the list.

As usual, I love the check out the can of the beer I’m about to try. On the side of the can they state “Gose Ale brewed with seaweed & salt harvested in the deep sou’ east.” Seaweed and salt in a beer sounds exciting I know but I don’t know what to expect from this because this is my first time trying a Gose. Anyways let’s get cracking!


Looking at this beer resembles a light pale to straw colour, with a really white creamy head. The tiny little bubbles that make up the head made hold up really well as you would expect with a beer primarily made from malted wheat. The carbonation level was high with fast rising bubbles.


I’m not picking up much hop aroma with this one, but there is a hint of citrus and herbal notes there along with a slight bready malt aroma.


As this Gose lands on the palate, I’m tasting a tangy lemon flavour which is shortly followed by a pleasant salty aftertaste. The hop bitterness is restrained and the alcohol is not detectable.

Mouth Feel

The partially sparkling carbonation is sharp on the palate giving the tongue a good sensation along with the enjoyable tang of lemon.


Gose is definitely a style of beer I will be trying again in the future. This Sailors Grave Brewing Down She Gose is a beer I’ll be coming back to when the warmer months arrive as it’s quite refreshing and definitely sessionable. The sour lemon infused flavour makes it so much more appealing than a slice of lemon in a Cerveza. While the salt and seaweed leave you tantalised for more. I’m actually pretty proud the East Gippsland has produced something this good.


So far this is the best Gose I have ever tried, however, as I mentioned earlier it’s my first which is why I’m going to rate Down She Gose a 4 out of 5

Stay tuned for the next Crafty Surprise which is also another Gose, but this time expect a twist. Have you tried the Down She Gose? If so, shoot us a comment below and tell us all about it.

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