Crafty Surprise No. 4 – Mornington Peninsula Brewery Brain Squeeze

Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery
Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Today on the Crafty Surprise I’m preparing to pucker up with a speciality beer by Mornington Peninsula Brewery called Brain Squeeze. As I check out the funky graphic on the can I’m preparing myself for a very sour beer and I’m talking Warhead sour.

“Brain Squeeze combines the modern techniques of kettle-souring and dry hopping to deliver wicked flavours of punchy tropical fruits and fresh squeezed citrus, followed by a cleansing acidity that is not for the faint hearted.” -From the Can.

Let’s crack this can open, get it into a glass and to get the review rolling.


This beer pours a light straw colour that is slightly hazy with a large foamy white head. The carbonation is in the medium range, however, the bubbles were large and fast rising.


I smell citrus and fruity hop aroma on the nose along with passionfruit and pineapple notes.


I’m tastings a citrus flavour that is predominantly a strong sour lemon taste with hints of grapefruit. There’s not really that much hop bitterness to this hoppy sour and there’s no detectable alcohol aftertaste.

Mouth Feel

The mouth feel is soft and light, but there is a fairly hefty sour punch that is borderline on being a puckering sour hit. Not quite as much as I was expecting, but that’s all good.

Final Thoughts

Without researching this beer before tasting it, I know it’s a sour but I’m not sure exactly which style it fits into. If I was to guess, it falls in line with a Gose as they were the last 2 beers I reviewed before this one? It was sour, but nowhere near as sour as I was expecting from the name Brain Squeeze, or as the image indicated on the can. I must say that I’m not disappointed with the level of sourness because it makes this beer an easy drinker and a great palette cleanser.

Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery
Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery


3.2 out of 5

Thanks for checking out another one of my Crafty Surprise reviews. If you have tried this Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery please lets us know your thoughts in the comments.

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