Crafty Surprise No. 6 – Garage Project Fuzzbox (Fuzzy Pale Ale)

Garage Project - Fuzzbox
Garage Project - Fuzzbox

Today’s Crafty Surprise is the Garage Project Fuzzbox from New Zealand. When Devarni picked this one up from Blackhearts & Sparrows they gave her a quick description of what I can expect as you can see in the photo below.

Black Hearts and sparrows Fuzzbox Review
Black Hearts and sparrows Fuzzbox Review


Pale in color and very hazy, it looks just like a fruit juice. A medium fluffy off white head that has reasonable retention and the carbonation level is very low.


The Aroma was tropical and fruity with hints of orange and pineapple on the nose. The massive hit of fruity Aroma smelled just like breakfast juice.


The flavor is quite sweet at first then quickly becomes citrusy, resinous and piney followed by a decent amount of hop bitterness. There is a mild hint of alcohol and along with the bitterness on the backend, it’s also moderately tangy.

Mouth Feel

There is a smooth mouth coating feel and a medium body to this Fuzzbox. The carbonation on the tongue is quite pleasing which was surprisingly more than what you could see through the glass. In saying that, is not really that surprising, as I mentioned before the appearance is very hazy.


This is the best alcoholic juice I’ve ever had. Up until you’re hit with the bitterness on the backend you forget it’s really a beer. The Fuzzbox is a very desirable beer but I would not say it is a pale ale. It has the bitterness of an IPA along with the haziness of a NEIPA, however, it did not have the ABV to back this up so this beer is truly one of a kind. In this case a Fuzzy Pale ale.


I rate the Fuzzbox a 4.1 out of  5.

If you have had this Garage Project Fuzzbox Ale before I would love to hear what you thought in the comments below.

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