Crafty Surprise

As Kevin has his Daily Drop, I have decided to create this segment I call the “Crafty Surprise”. I too will learn about tasting Beer and have some fun along the way.
Recently one of my work colleagues named Dervarni, purchased a house in the suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. It turns out she is conveniently situated close by to a Store named Blackhearts & Swallows. The siblings that own this store are the “purveyors of unique Wine, Beer & Cider”, where all their stock is handpicked and tasted before going on their shelves. This got me thinking, why not let Dervarni randomly select a different beer for me each week and I’ll have a crack at reviewing it in my own special way.
My segment will be laid back as I’m just dipping my toes into the tasting world. Being able to describe what I’m seeing, smelling, feeling and tasting is new to me but I’m keen to learn. This may be a challenge at first, so rather than a structured review each week I’ll post whatever I feel at the time about the Crafty Surprise.


Mimas by Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Crafty Surprise No. 8 – Mornington Peninsula Brewery Mimas Red IPA

Today on the Crafty Surprise I’m going to be enjoying a tasting of the Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Mimas, which is a Red IPA. Mimas...
Balter XPA

Crafty Surprise No. 7 – Balter Brewing Company XPA

Today's Crafty Surprise is the Balter Brewing Company XPA. The can itself looks simple but very inviting. The style is XPA, the volume is 375ml...
Garage Project - Fuzzbox

Crafty Surprise No. 6 – Garage Project Fuzzbox (Fuzzy Pale Ale)

Today's Crafty Surprise is the Garage Project Fuzzbox from New Zealand. When Devarni picked this one up from Blackhearts & Sparrows they gave her...
Pirate Life IIPA

Crafty Surprise No. 5 – Pirate Life Brewing IIPA

Today's Crafty Surprise is an exciting one. I have been wanting to try Pirate Life Brewing IIPA for a while now and I can't...
Brain Squeeze by Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Crafty Surprise No. 4 – Mornington Peninsula Brewery Brain Squeeze

Today on the Crafty Surprise I'm preparing to pucker up with a speciality beer by Mornington Peninsula Brewery called Brain Squeeze. As I check out...
Colonial Brewing Co Rye 'N Gose Sling

Crafty Surprise No. 3 – Rye ‘N Gose Sling by Colonial Brewing Co

Today on the Crafty Surprise I’m enjoying the Rye ‘N Gose Sling by the guys at Colonial Brewing Co. The clever name straight away tells...

Crafty Surprise No. 2 – Sailors Grave Brewing Down She Gose

Today on the Crafty Surprise I’m trying the Down She Gose by Sailors Grave Brewing. This is obviously a Gose style beer that's sitting...
Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout

Crafty Surprise No. 1 – Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout

The beer I will be tasting for my very first post on Crafty Surprise is the Cavalier Brewing Chocolate Stout. This Imperial Stout is...